SİTRETT MX is a multi-purpose, DIRT-STAIN and OIL REMOVER product, even though it has a fluidic structure, it is more CONCENTRATED than most of the “CONSISTENT”.products.  Do not mistake this product for being fluid. This product is concentrated and can be diluted where necessary.


The area you apply may be greasy, smudgy or contain dirt … It does not matter for the SİTRETT MX ..! Just know the dilution ratio is known, then Wait for a while for REACTION, mechanically rub it with the help of a brush if needed, and then rinse it to the fullest.


The SİTRETT MX is a unique product with a large number of active ingredients, extra strong, “REACTIONAL” structure, which can be used in as many places as you want to surprise you without harming the applied region …


Reminder: Since these rates will vary depending on the nature of the water you use, the best rate that does both good cleaning and no residue should be found by the user over time.

Also, give a few minutes of time to identify the stain of the SİTRETT MX product.