Product : Sitrett MX1 Radiator and Exchanger Cleaning Gold

Weight : 1 KG

SİTRETT MX1 RADIATOR AND EXCHANGER CLEANING You are looking at the 1 kg  security folio GOLD packaging. Inside engine cleanlining of vehicles mixed with oil water; the engine water capacity is set to 15% to 20% of Sitrett MX1, the engine water is completed, the vehicle is operated for 45 minutes and discharged. It provides effective cleaning in exchangers and heating installations that are clogged with sediment, carbon or rust. The high-tech SİTRETT MX1 is the original product.SİTRETT MX is a fabulous product made to claim the world’s most powerful cleaning product. Due to its success, SİTRETT MX, which has been imitating dozens of times, is one of the most important inventions of the century with its very effective and almost harmless structure.