Automobile – Truck – Lorry – Rail Vehicle Cleaning :

Heavy industrial vehicles with heavy pollutants such as automobiles – trucks – buses – train wagons – subway and metrobus – yachts – ships – aircraft – work machines, all surfaces of these vehicles that require sensitive and heavy cleaning. Even in the detailed cleaning companies, the dirts which are difficult to remove, the waxed stains on the upholstery, the heavy oils found on the engine block can be easily cleaned by SITRETT MX …

APPLICATION: You can apply SITRETT MX product directly according to dirt density or dilute it to 1/10 ratio. After spraying the SITRETT MX product diluted 1/10 in the furnace, you should know the reaction time for a few minutes and rinse with a wet and clean cloth. You can increase or decrease the dilution ratio according to the density of the stain. Spray it on the 1/1 diluted or undiluted pure product for the engine block and give few minutesfor REACTION. You can get more effective results when you apply HOT FLOOR. You can mix 1 to 3 lid ratios in the glass water container of the vehicle. You will see fly counts and similar dirts coming out easily. You also can use for cleaning the bodywork and bonnet fitting.

1/3 dilution of the product is recommended on the nickel plated and similar shiny surfaces of vehicles. In poor quality finishes, blackening or abrasion may occur. Usage instructions and warnings are available in the manual accompanying the product.