Carpet, Fabric and Textile Products :

SİTRETT MX is a very effective cleaning product on fabric surfaces which we use in every area of our life. Carpet, armchair etc. surfaces, curtains, tulles, textiles, and fabrics will all meet your cleaning needs effectively and easily. Aaircraft, train, ship, truck, car, etc. SİTRETT MX will clean with all kinds of fabrics that you have contacted in your life from daily wears such as pants – shirts – dresses – gowns to special clothes such as fantasy – bridal dresses, from all kind fabric to carpets and sitting groups in your homes or workplaces.

In these areas, rust, mildew, tea – coffee – tomato paste – fat – bitumen – fog – gum – hair dye – wax – banding – pomegranate, such as hard spots- there will be no problem for you from now on.

APPLICATION: To remove these stains or any other untreated stains, apply the stained area of SİTRETT MX with no dilution or 1/10 of dilution according to stain persistence.

Warning: use instructions and warnings are available in the instruction manual that comes with the product.