Dear User;

SİTRETT MX was developed by a team committed to this country, the world’s rapidly becoming the most powerful cleaning products, advancing overshadowing foreign products in the area of Turkey’s domestic and deserves to be National pride as a cleaning product. SiTRETT MX, which has been subjected to the test phase for 1 year after 6 years of R & D in this field, was presented to the market when it was concluded that it is the strongest. It is a product that is very satisfied with the users in the market.

Dear User;

Our products are classified on the sectoral basis as follows; MX1 is reserved for home users, MX3 for general users, and MX5 for heavy industrial users. Each series has its own color of gold and silver. The gold in these colors indicates that it is stronger and more concentrated than the silver one.

The silver product is a general cleaning product that can handle every job of a normal user. Gold, on the other hand, is more concentrated in concentration, it can be used for more dilute, more difficult stains (eg heavy industry, etc.).

Our product has proven itself in dermatological tests and there is no harm to people. Despite claiming to be the most effective product on the market, it is harmless to the creatures and nature.

Our aim is not only to reach rich people. Because our goal is to provide a good service to people in all countries of the world and to do our best, the price of our products is well suited.