You can easily and safely clean all internal and external surfaces of CNC machines from the most sensitive machining parts to the exterior cover parts with SİTRETT MX. For CNC machines with rust and similar problems for various reasons, you can use SİTRETT MX silver or gold product for efficient cleaning without damaging the machine and its coating. If the dirt is very stubborn and heavy, we recommend you to use a gold product.


Areas of Intense and Stubborn Grease ;
No matter how persistent the oil, dirt or stains on your concrete, mosaic, marble, tile and epoxy surfaces of your plants or production facilities will be easily cleaned with SİTRETT MX, the surface will not get any damage. On these surfaces, we recommend our gold product for forklift and truck tyre tracks, while our SITRETT MX silver product is sufficient.


Stainless Surfaces ;
The power of the SITRETT MX will surprise you when cleaning all the chrome-stainless surfaces on your factories. Normally you need to get special and expensive cleaning products to clean chrome and stainless surfaces, but SİTRETT MX will be your solution partner in cleaning chrome surfaces with successful results. Rinse with wet cloth after application that will ensure the surfaces remain shiny for a long time. We recommend you to use our SİTRETT MX silver product on such surfaces.


Carbon Impurities ;
Burnt oils, carbon liquids leaked from heating pipes can be cleaned with SİTRETT MX so easily. Due to SİTRETT MX is not flammable, explosive and in flammable, can be applied on hot surfaces (except hot aluminium surfaces). We recommend SİTRETT MX gold in the cleaning of condensed oil burns in these areas, and SITRETT MX silver product for the cleaning of light oil burns.



APPLICATION: Depending on the density of the dirt or stains, spray the SITRETT MX5 product directly or 1/1 on the problematic area.

Wait for 2 to 5 minutes for the SITRETT MX5 to enter the REACTION and rub and rinse it with a hard sponge. Rinse for the surfaces of the shiny faucets no need to wait more than 2 minutes, that will be enough.

Warning: use instructions and warnings are available in the instruction manual that comes with the product.