In your kitchen, there will literally be “REVOLUTION” ….
Your kitchen furniture has splattered oil stains, tomato paste etc in your cookers, burned food floods mixed with products, oil and grease residues accumulated in your cooker eyes, greasy dirt infiltrated under the cooker and oven knobs, burned oils and dirt in your ovens, smell of fish frying on your plates, stains on kitchen sinks, all kinds of oily food steam accumulated in your aspirator and oven. The outer surfaces of your teapots, pots – pans and so on. all your kitchenware with a glossy surface.. Now with SİTRETT MX they are all immaculate …

APPLICATION:They are heavy and hard to clean. Spray the SİTRETT MX product directly onto these dirts, allow few minutes for REACTION, scrub with a hard sponge, and then rinse. You can use it by diluting it with 1/10 to 1/1 of the cleanliness of your inox surface-care products or by applying it directly. It provides shine in inox products and also has pollution-retardant properties.

WARNING: It may leave a stain similar to calcification if it is left to keep on unpainted aluminum surfaces.

Warning: use instructions and warnings are available in the instruction manual that comes with the product.