SİTRETT MX Introduction Video

SİTRETT MX Carpet Washing

Pitch planting and Aspirator

Vehicle Detailed Cleaning

Rim and Block Cleaning

Huge Industrial Facilities

Car Leather Upholstery

Engine-Radiator Cleaning

Factory Cleaning

Highlighter on cloth



Cherry juice stain

Car Body Cleaning

Stainless Surface Cleaning

Industrial Facilities

Office Appliances

GİV Award Ceremony

Auto Gallery Test

Aluminium Test

Truck Inner Engine Cleaning

Leather Seat Cleaning

All Textile Areas

Factory Cleaning

Oil Mixed with Water
Inner Engine Cleaning

Oil Mixed Water Engine Cleaning

Car Glass Cleaning

Epoxy Surface Cleaning

Petek Plastik

Silver Pen on Artificial Leather

SİTRETT MX is more successful than German products

Leather Office Chair
-User Video-

Car Leather Upholstery
'Mercedes E 320'

Pilot Garage Test
'Car Service Solutions'

Suspended Ceiling Cleaning

Cleaning Solutions for Giant Facatories

Disputed stains on wool carpet!

Boron Oil Cleaning

Epoxy Surface Cleaning

Ballpoint pen marker in plush fabric
-User Video-

Disputed Stains on wool carpet long version

Work Machine Cleaning - Torkon Makina

Intense Fly and
Acid Cleansing

Konfiat Private Automotive Service
Detailed Test Progress

Boiler-soot Cleaning

Drug Production Tank Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Curtain With Oil and Soot

Hydraulic oil cleaning through skin

CD Pen Cleaning

Electronic Parts Cleaning
-Blue Star-

Printing Machinery Cleaning