Moss Cleaning ;
Natural mosses, which are often encountered in areas with abundant rainfall and cover the whole area without distinguishing the ground, can sometimes be annoying. While the world’s most advanced moss cleaners can remove the moss as a result of days of work, the SİTRETT MX products clean all the moss in just 6 minutes from each surface. In the meantime, no damage to the surfaces one of the world’s known properties of the SİTRETT MX brand. At moss cleaning, it is recommended to use Silver products.


Wooden Cleaning ;
Wood, which is exposed to abrasive and polluting elements such as oil – soot – dirt – rust, loses its charm that affects you over time. Even some woods absorb these dirt and as much as forced to clean them, not enough cleaning can be performed. Obviously this situation happens if you don’t have SİTRETT MX. With SiTRETT MX, it is very easy to achieve effective cleaning without damaging the wood or varnish. AT wooden cleaning, it is recommended to use Silver products.


Radiator-Exchanger and inner engine -with oil mixed with water- Cleaning ;

For whatever reason, the plate exchangers of automobiles, minibuses, trucks, trucks, ship engines and industrial machines, which have mixed oil and water, can now be used for a longer time. Because of the powerful cleaning of the SİTRETT MX, it is possible to recover these parts without the need to dismantle them without damaging their hoses – – and to their plates – to their seals – to their seals – no matter how sensitive they are. When cleaning these areas, we recommend the use of our SİTRETT MX RADIATOR CLEANING PRODUCT.


Motorcycle Cleaning Solutions ;
A unique solution to the problems of motorcycle enthusiasts, from SİTRETT MX. You will be indispensable cleaning with SİTRETT MX on; flies that stick on your motorcycle, with or without o-ring chain cleaning, the oil residue from the engine block & the front shock absorber blinds, the yellowing signal and headlights.

The SİTRETT MX, which gives excellent results in o-ring chain cleaning, also allows you to save time and slaughter without the need to swell the o-ring & chain change. Moreover, you can safely use the SİTRETT MX even in the cleaning of oil that splashes on your clothes from motorcycle. For this field, you can use our SİTRETT MX Silver product.


Oil Releasing Units Before Painting and Coating ;
One of the major problems of the production plants is the oil cleaning before painting the parts that they produce. As much as the oil can be obtained effectively from the surfaces, the paint application will be stronger and good quality. The SİTRETT MX can be applied with a non-flammable structure and with a great degreasing power either by dipping or spraying with a machine. It dissolves the oils on the surface of the parts very quickly, providing safe and economical application. You can use our SİTRETT MX gold product in this area.


APPLICATION: The appropriate dilution rate for these stains is 1/25 (1 product 25 Water). It can be applied with 1/10 – or 1/1 dilution depending on the density or persistence of the dirt or stains, but if the result is not obtained, direct application options should be tried respectively. Here, it should be noted that the surface to be cleaned must be effaceable.

Warning: use instructions and warnings are available in the instruction manual that comes with the product.