Wooden Surface :

It has cleaner – feeder – polishing effect for surfaces such as wooden stairs, railing, door – window and furniture .. You easily can clean the surfaces of wooden puddles in pine and similar wax.
Relax… Even if the pine turtle is infected with your dress, the SİTRETT MX will come out without any problems. SİTRETT MX does not damage the polished wooden surfaces.

APPLICATION: It can be used on wooden surfaces by diluting in 1/50 ratio (1 product 49 water). The amount of product is increased by 1/25 or 1/10 of the amount of dirt in the region or the amount of water is reduced. To clean the wax, spray the product directly to that area, allow 2 minutes for REACTION and wipe the area. Nevertheless, the best dilution rate should be determined by you practitioners because of the water structure in your area.

Warning: use instructions and warnings are available in the instruction manual that comes with the product.