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Sitrett User Manual

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Welcome to SİTRETT MX Webpage

It will be the World's strongest cleaning product

SİTRETT MX is used to remove, strong dirt – stain – oil remover. Except on foods,
it can be used almost on everywhere and has extraordinary effect. In order to be able to catch this effect, you have to learn the “RIGHT USE” by carefully reading the manual in your hand. If you do not have a,
guide let’s get you

Example Videos


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Sectors and Areas Where SİTRETT MX is Used

From Heavy – light industrial plants to production workshops, aircraft, tram, bus, ship, etc. It can be used safely in all places where there is need for dirt – stain and oil – related from transportation vehicles to cars and caravans, dry cleaning enterprises, hotels and hospitals, car washers, carpet washing plants, home use to technical services, textile workshops, hairdresser salons.
Textile fabric surface such as carpet, seat, curtain; hard, shiny and wet floor like granite, tiles, toilet stones; wood, plastic or PVC surfaces such as furniture, flooring, doors, windows, chairs; Sitrett is effective in all areas such as artificial or real leather, metal surfaces such as ovens, stoves, hoods or extractors, automotive upholstery and tough areas such as chest, glass water, wheel, rim, engine block, or heavy machinery.

Reminder: For delicate textiles, non-glazed paints, aluminum surfaces and areas that require precision, do not use the product without trial at an appropriate point.


The understanding of cleanliness of every society can show serious differences, in every individual… However, the visible differences that we can distinguish between “clean” and “unclean” are our first point of departure in our production. We produce in Turkey, the world’s highest quality and quite harmless dirt, oil-stain remover product in the target to be get a gift to our nation.…

Our Philosophy

When we ask about the productivity and hard work of our human being, till now the vicious answers we received brought us to today … “Why do not we have a national cleaning product?” … We do business that we love and we can get to the next point with your support. Please do not just buy our product, write all your good and bad ideas …




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